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By supporting USA Synchro's Fill the Pool Campaign you will be helping our synchro girls of all levels around the country. Every drop counts.

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The items highlighted below are intended to provide examples of some of the costs involved in the sport of synchronized swimming and are used to signify different denominations for gift amounts. All donations will directly support the programs and services offered to athletes through USA Synchro. If you wish to donate a gift amount that is not specified, please use the "$$ You Choose" option below. THANK YOU!


You choose the amount you wish to donate. By supporting USA Synchro's Fill the Pool Campaign, donors help athletes pursue their dreams and gain the type of life skills that will enrich their lives forever.  every drop helps!


USA Synchro's National Teams train very long days together and have lunches delivered to the pool for approximately $80 per team. 


An estimated 62 athletes comprise USA Synchro's National Teams and with knox costing approximately $35/year per athlete, they could really use our help!



To commit to sport, usually athletes have to find balance between training & education, so online classes offer the flexibility they need but are quite expensive.


2017 World Championships will be in Budapest (HUN) where we plan to send a full team of athletes, coaches & support consisting of about 20. Costs approx. $1500 per athlete. 


Nose clips to synchro can be likened to goggles to swimming, chalk to gymnastics or ballet shoes to dancing. Most athletes take at least 2 nose clips to a meet.



Strength & Conditioning Coach for a Month for the team! An important part of a high performance program for synchro includes dry land training with a certified trainer.

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